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Large Waterproof Tote Bag With Compartments – BM0302003AN012

The large waterproof tote bag is made of durable nylon fabric with soft handles for work, school, gym, or commute, easy to carry and comfortable. And large storage space for laptops up to 15.6 inches. Wholesale custom handbags, Bagsmart offers you high-quality large waterproof tote bags exclusively for your brand.

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Inventory Yes
Weight 1.3 lbs
Color Pink
Material Slub cotton
Size 18.5″L x 6.3″W x 12.6″H
Operation Time 3-5 Days for SKU IN STOCK, 30 days for pre-order (based on the forecast)


Convenient Designs

Side Pockets for Water Bottle

The large waterproof tote bag has side pockets for the water bottles, allowing you to place a water bottle in the side pockets to spill while providing easy access to the water bottle.

Water Resistant Fabric

The large waterproof tote bag is made of water-resistant fabric, so it is not afraid of the tote bag being wet on rainy days.

Convenient Front Pocket

The design of the front pocket allows people to place small items such as mobile phones/ID cards that are easy to access in the front pocket of the custom tote bag.

Yoga Fixed Buckle

A yoga fixing buckle is also added to the design of the large waterproof tote bag so that people who go to practice yoga can easily carry the yoga mat.

Bagsmart Black Large Work Custom Tote Bag


Why Choose Custom Tote Bags Wholesale?

  1. Get lower-Price

The price of a large waterproof tote bag can be lower by about 5-20% compared to the normal distributors.

  1. Pricing rights in your region

You have the right to price the large tote bag with compartments in this region.

  1. E-commerce support

We can support our exclusive distributor to set up a local website and online promotion.

  1. Event Sponsorship

We will support you to expand brand popularity in the local areas such as attending local fairs and sponsoring you to do some local promotion activities.

  1. Allow products to be resold on all channels

To be our exclusive distributor, you can have the right to sell large waterproof tote bags in all channels including stores and online stores.

Black Custom Large Work Multifunctional Tote BagsBlack Custom Large Work Multifunctional Tote Bags

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