When ladies are traveling or just going out for a business trip, they don’t want to lug around a giant bag to accommodate the makeup! This blog article will show the function of a small waterproof makeup bag and the best bag factory dealers are looking for.

Black Wholesale Pencil Bag China Supliar

The function of the waterproof makeup bag


The small waterproof makeup bag is perfect for on-the-go makeup needs. These bags are often made of durable materials and can protect your makeup from water, dust, and other elements. These bags are made from weatherproof materials and come with a compartment for your makeup brushes so that everything stays dry and organized. Plus, they’re perfect for avoiding spillages and smudging on your hand during those inevitable wet moments.


Which Bag Suuplier to choose?


Bagsmart has its competitive advantages worth your investment among so many bag suupliers. Here are some you should know:


  1. E-commerce support: Bagsmart will help you set up your personalized website, and you can enjoy the benefits of online marketing. In addition, It also supports your social media campaigns and dropshipping. There is no doubt that Bagsmart is your strongest supporter at all times.


  1. Adequate inventory: Bagsmart supplies can provide an adequate inventory according to your business’s requirements. There is no fixed demand for any business; you can mention the number of bags you need and when you need them. Bagsmart’s team of professionals will get them made within a fixed period and deliver them to your doorstep.


  1. Custom Logo and Name Service Available: With Bagsmart’s highly trained experts, you can get a wholesale bag with a custom logo and name. The company understands the need to emboss brand names on the bag. This contributes to increasing brand awareness of small businesses. While placing your orders on the company’s website, you can add special instructions such as the color, custom-made logo, and embossing of names on the bags.


  1. Offline Marketing Support and Sponsorship: If you become an exclusive Bagsmart reseller, we can provide branding support. If you are interested in promoting the Bagsmart brand locally, we will sponsor your booth or offline event.




If you’re looking for a good quality small waterproof makeup bag to invest in, be sure to check Bagsmart! With experience of more than 17 years, we are committed to making travel more efficient and convenient for everyone. In addition, we also provide wholesale service for you if you are interested. Please be free to contact us!