There’s no doubt that the fashion bag industry is promising these years. With everything from mini makeup bags to large waterproof tote bags, deciding which products appeal to the customers most can be tricky. Find out which wholesaler is best for you in this article!

The Bagsmart story


With the mission of making life easier and smarter, Bagsmart started up. For more than a decade, Bagsmart brand has been gaining great popularity among customers all over the world due to its superior products and services. Currently, their products have been shipped to 149 countries, accounting for 1.5 million packages purchased by customers. Over the years, they have worked with multiple world-famous companies, small businesses, non-profit & trade associations, and individuals.


Why do distributors order from Bagsmart?


Advantages of working with Bagsmart can be various including lower prices, pricing rights in your region, E-commerce support, and event sponsorship. The price of products Bagsmart offers can be lower by about 5-20% compared to normal bag vendors. They will support you to set up a local website and online promotion expanding brand popularity in the local area such as attending local fairs and sponsoring you to do some local promotion activities. And also, as its working partner, you will have the right to price the products in this region and sell goods in all channels including stores and online stores.


What you can expect from Bagsmart?


With adequate inventory and a wide range of SKUs, Bagsmart bag vendor allows you to choose and mix products to test the demand of your target market. Meanwhile, they will recommend the best-selling Bagsmart bags, which are fully stocked for you to sell. Whether you are a startup or a senior distributor, Bagsmart can help you further boost your sales with its wholesale bags service.