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Bagsmart provides private label bags that are best-selling and most functional. Cooperate with us, you can have strong support and professional service. So far, we have worked with distributors in over 150 countries worldwide and have successfully sent 120 million parcels. With over 17 years of profound experience and our professional one-stop-shop wholesale bag service, we can help you with further boosts in sales, whether you are a startup or a senior distributor.

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Everything You Want to Know Can Be Found Here

Everything You Want to Know Can Be Found Here

1. Do you offer volume discounts?2022-04-24T18:16:40+08:00

Yes, wholesale bags orders over $10000 receive a 10% volume discount off wholesale pricing. This discount is based on order dollar amount, not on quantities per item. Please contact us for more details about volume discounts.

2. Do you ship internationally? How are your items shipped?2022-04-24T18:16:50+08:00

Yes. We ship most orders by sea and railway. You are able to select other shipping methods (air delivery or express) if you need.

3. How soon are most orders shipped?2022-04-24T18:17:01+08:00

Within 7 days for SKUs in stock, 30 days for pre-order based on forecast.

4.Are you a factory or brand supplier?2022-04-24T18:17:11+08:00

We are a multinational brand supplier covering all aspects from product R & D to terminal retail.

5. Where are the current e-commerce, brick-and-mortar business of your brand overseas?2022-04-24T18:17:26+08:00

We have millions of sales each year. And we reach 149 countries all over the world. please email us, or contact us at WhatsApp, Skype for more details.

6. Do you have your own warehouse? How do you manage your inventory usually?2022-04-24T18:17:36+08:00

Currently, we have warehouses in China and USA. We offer a to-door delivery service for all USA orders.
For your orders, we will offer you a FOB price. You can use your forwarder or our forwarder to handle the shipment.

7. What are the conditions for becoming an exclusive distributor?2022-04-24T18:17:44+08:00

-1. Be able and willing to invest in brand operation in the region, including online and offline advertising, exhibitions, etc.
-2. After background investigation, your company has sufficient offline channels.
-3. The annual minimum purchase amount (calculated according to different markets) needs to be signed.
We do have exclusive terms with our distributors. We will need more information about your company, and then we will make a plan for you.
1) Where is your market?
2) Do you have experience in this industry? Which brands are you currently representing?
3) How will you distribute our products? (Through which channels)
4) What is your goal of annual sales volume?

8. If I am an individual buyer, or do not have the right to import goods, can I import goods to my country?2022-04-24T18:17:59+08:00

Yes, there are many agents who can help you import goods even if you do not have the right to import goods.

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